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Physical Therapy

We’re Committed to a Healthier, Pain-Free, More Active You

Although most people understand the value of post-operative physical therapy, many don’t realize physical therapy can be highly effective when preparing for surgery or when managing chronic conditions and pain. Physical therapy doesn’t just relieve your pain. It can improve mobility, decrease inflammation, help avoid or delay surgery, help to prevent or recover from sports injuries, improve balance, prevent falls, manage chronic conditions and more.

Kayal Orthopaedic Center offers evidence-based physical therapy and rehabilitation programs by developing a custom treatment plan for each patient based on your specific impairments, functional limitations, disabilities or other needs.

We approach physical therapy as a partnership between your specialist and you. Together, we will work diligently to heal your injury, relieve your pain and to allow you to regain control over your body.

Treatment For

Such injuries include, but are not limited to:

Therapies & Treatments

Such treatments include, but are not limited to:


We use time-tested and modern equipment for maximum results, including treadmill with reverse and decline medical rails, recumbent bike with bi-directional resistance and premium seat swivel, electrical stimulation units, Hydrocollator, weights for strengthening, bands, balls and more. We also use our expertise and experience to guide you through exercise stretching, traction, taping and upper body exercises (seated or standing).


What to expect

During your initial appointment, your physical therapist will ask you about your specific symptoms and your overall health. If you have had surgery or another procedure recently, your therapist will want to know about your recovery and progress. By getting to know you and your health challenges better, your physical therapist will be in the best position to set goals and create a treatment plan for you.

A physical exam will be part of your appointment. Make sure to wear nonrestrictive clothing to simplify this process. You may be asked to change into a medical gown.

Your PT specialist will create a treatment plan that is customized for your specific problem and needs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or take notes to help you remember important points once you get home.

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