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Setting an Example of Excellence

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Setting an Example of Excellence

robert-p-300x225“I just wanted to say what a great help you were in getting my paperwork to the government and dealing with my anxiety and nerves during my first few visits to the Center. I have made the comparison of going to different doctors with going to get a car fixed. It’s like the difference between bringing your car to a friend-of-a-friend and getting questionable results versus going to the dealer and being assured of knowledgeable service.Just a reminder of how I got to Kayal Orthopaedic Center. I had a board-certified, respected foot doctor show nearly no interest in my pain and my wellbeing: just an interest in selling me an orthopedic insert after two weeks of waiting. First, he had me go to a facility for radio frequency ablation and PRP injections. After changing into hospital garb and while sitting in a cubicle, I had blood drawn and an IV started. After over an hour, I was told I was too heavy for their operating table, even though they weighed me before taking blood. I was told to go home and call my doctor tomorrow.During my second attempt, the doctor sent me to a hospital. When I woke from anesthesia, the staff doctor told me they were unable to do the radiofrequency ablation because my skin was too thick. I asked my doctor the next day why he didn’t complete the procedure, and he said my foot was too swollen. I asked if he would complete it when the swelling subsided, and he said it wasn’t a big deal to do it, anyway. To finish my story, three times I asked him about using ultrasound to ensure proper needle placement, and he smiled and said it wasn’t required. Then I found Dr. Kayal’s Center. Let there be light…I find everyone I have met to be topnotch in demeanor and bedside manner—with my wife and myself. I know I can be a handful sometimes when I ask questions, and it is not that I’m trying to be annoying. I just am used to not getting information, mostly from the myriad of doctors I’ve been to over the last several years. I’ve had to deal with oncologists and staff, nephrologists and reception workers, urologists, gastroenterologists, dozens of phlebotomists, heart doctors, my primary care doctor, and emergency room doctors and staff. I have had a lifetime of experience with my aliments and quest for a cure, but I have never seen such a professionally run and patient-oriented center as Kayal Orthopaedic Center.I suppose it all starts at the top, and Dr. Kayal has set the example of excellence that he wants to project in his life and life’s work. It shows, and I don’t think I’m alone in noticing the difference in all aspects of the care provided—from the spectacular bedside manner during office visits to the follow-up calls after a surgical procedure. The sense that everything will be fine permeates the entire office complex. If I wasn’t in need of medical care, I would be tempted to just stop in and see the precision with which your medical center functions and maybe say hello, and capture a smile or two.I was quite happy with there being just Robert when I first went to Kayal Orthopaedic Center. Impeccably dressed and groomed, perfect speech and mannerisms, with a total air of confidence as he spoke with my wife and I. Medical jargon and concern effortlessly flowed from his lips. Just an absolute Norman Rockwell image of what a doctor is supposed to be, but rare indeed. Then, I met his equally charming and intelligent brother at the surgical center, and I thought he was just a concerned person as I was leaving. He asked if I was doing all right, and I later realized who he was when I visited the Franklin lakes office.I saw Michael’s previous work online as an electrical engineer, and they are impressive career accomplishments. I have spoken with him and kidded that if some piece of equipment malfunctions during an operation—he can switch hats, fix the problem, and go back to medicine. Absolutely amazing when I think of the amount of time and learning involved in such a thing. He is very friendly, and seems to have fun as he does what he does. Now, I have noticed that there is also Dr. Kayal’s wife at the Center. I saw her name on a recent email. How you all came to be so ensconced in medicine is a thing of great wonder, and must be a source of family pride for you all.I’m not sure if I have met Dr. Kayal’s wife, but I hope to someday. I like to imagine that your family’s obvious dedication to healing was influenced by your parents, and I see them being as proud as any parent can be at their family’s accomplishments. I say a prayer every night that you all stay in Jersey, stay involved as you are, continuing to care for all the people you have and the thousands who haven’t even heard about you yet. I know the Kayal brand is everywhere I look, and it is just about perfect in concept and application. When one sees the effort that goes into marketing the idea of the Kayal Orthopaedic Center, it becomes crystal clear that the quality of care you’re going to receive is equally as comprehensive.Once again, I just wanted to say thanks for treating us like people, and not just a number or just another patient. It truly makes a difference in the lack of anxiety when office visit time comes around, and must assuredly help in the healing process: knowing that so many people are involved and care about your healthy outcome. It is truly a model for all other centers and offices to emulate. I would be negligent if I failed to add that Dr. Kayal and his family are surely the impetus for such a place, and their hard work is so clearly evident. Thank you and God bless.”– Robert Piombino & Corina Pleasant