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Second Chance at an Active Lifestyle

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Second Chance at an Active Lifestyle

bob-battle-pt“In 2007, after suffering for a few years and exploring many failed options, an orthopedic surgeon in another practice performed my two partial knee replacements. The second knee was never right, and my former doctor refused to admit there was a problem. He sent me for a battery of tests, searching for possible nerve damage, circulation problems, etc. Finally, after 15 months, the replacement actually fell apart which caused additional damage and was very painful. My doctor’s assistant saw this and spoke on the phone with him. Though I couldn’t walk on the knee, his assistant simply prescribed some pain medication and wanted me to make another appointment.That very night, I went to see Dr. Kayal. He had been highly recommended by some friends, and his approach to the situation immediately filled me with confidence. He explained everything he would do, answered all of my questions and my wife’s questions, and in a few minutes we had everything in place for a total knee revision, which would take place in just five days. Dr. Kayal’s staff remained in touch with me regarding arrangements, tests, insurance, etc., and Dr. Kayal was personally available as needed. The surgery went very well. After a week of rehab, it was determined that I had a great deal of scar tissue from the previous partial failure. To resolve the problem, Dr. Kayal performed a clinical procedure to break up the scar tissue which really expedited my therapy and overall recovery.A month later, Dr. Kayal determined that my other knee was also loosening up and would need to be revised as well. I underwent conversion to total knee replacement during April 2010, and the second recovery went even better than the first!The bottom line is that I now feel better than I have in at least six years. Dr. Kayal and his staff address every concern or question immediately, and are there for me no matter what. They go above and beyond what I have experienced with other doctors. I am enjoying life again, and for awhile I feared that I would not. Thank you, Dr. Kayal!”– Robert Battle, Payroll Consultant and Active Family Man—Again!