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A New Era in Knee Replacement

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A New Era in Knee Replacement

“I struggled with knee pain for several years. In the beginning I received cortisone shots every six months, and they worked fine for a while. Unfortunately my last shot did nothing to alleviate the pain. It was so bad when I was walking… I felt like I could fall down.I spoke with a friend who had platelet-rich plasma injections for her shoulder. I heard about Dr. Kayal from people in my temple, and I made an appointment to discuss this procedure. He was very straightforward; he told me PRP had a very small chance of working for my situation, and he didn’t want to waste my time going in circles.Instead, he recommended joint replacement, and I decided to have it as soon as possible. I had a Patient Specific Instrument knee replacement in October 2013. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Kayal prescribed physical therapy and exercise to build my muscles and stamina. I followed his recommendation and participated in water exercise several times each week. This helped my muscles prepare for recovery, and made my rehabilitation go much faster.I had surgery on my right knee on a Thursday. Friday morning they had me using a walker and taking slow steps. After two days I was discharged from the hospital and spent five days in a rehabilitation facility. I had my left knee replaced a week later, and repeated the rehabilitation process. I was able to do things for myself when I got home, and pursued outpatient rehabilitation aggressively. I had to push myself. No one was going to do it for me!People in my temple see me now, about four months after surgery, and they are very surprised with my recovery. I have minimal pain, and use stretching and an occasional Aleve to help with discomfort. My strength is excellent and my surgery was very successful. I think much of this is because Dr. Kayal stays on top of the latest technology, and emphasizes the importance of exercise before surgery.I found Dr. Kayal’s staff very friendly and helpful. They addressed all of my questions and assisted with paperwork and everything I needed. I have already recommended Dr. Kayal to several others. He is a very good doctor!”– Peramjeet Jassal, Mortgage Specialist