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High-Tech Knees Joints Tailored to Your Body

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High-Tech Knees Joints Tailored to Your Body

“After 13 years of ongoing knee pain that did not improve with recommended treatments, I decided to see Dr. Robert A. Kayal. I am a nurse, and he came highly recommended by my colleagues at Christian Health Care Center. After considering Dr. Kayal’s proposed treatment options, I decided to have an arthroscopy first. It went well, and he told me that I would ‘know’ when it was time to replace the knee.That time came as we approached the 2012 holiday season. I was on my feet a lot, and finding that I was in pain by day’s end. In addition, my hip and back were hurting because the knee pain was influencing my gait. I saw Dr. Kayal on New Year’s Eve, and made plans to schedule the surgery at Chilton Memorial Hospital. Chilton is the only hospital where he performs a new, cutting-edge joint replacement technology: MRI-based, patient-specific total knee replacement.First, I attended orientation meetings at Chilton to learn detailed specifics about the surgical process. Then, Kayal Orthopaedic Center’s PA, Michael Kayal, spent 45 minutes going over the procedure and recovery from A to Z. This was very reassuring. As a nurse, I like to know what is going to happen at every phase of the process, and Dr. Kayal’s staff takes time to thoroughly educate you.I was the first person to have the MRI-based PSI knee surgery performed at Chilton Memorial. The process involved a painless pre-surgical MRI, which allowed Dr. Kayal to customize the artificial joint to my body and skeletal structure. It was fitted specifically for me in order to improve surgical outcomes and keep up with my busy lifestyle.I had been told that knees are one of the most difficult joints to rehab, so I went into the surgery prepared for a long, hard recovery. For the first two days, I experienced no pain because I had a nerve block. The hospital staff had me standing and walking the morning after surgery, and going up and down stairs on day two. Even after the nerve block wore off, I experienced much less pain than I expected.I began inpatient rehab at CHHC, and the therapists were amazed at my progress. I had twice as much flexion as they see with traditional knee replacements, and about half as much swelling. When I went to Dr. Kayal’s office to have my staples removed, the PA called everyone into the room to see how much I could bend my knee. They had never seen that much flexion only two weeks out from surgery. After only two weeks I had functional flexion (120 degrees)—which is unheard of!I’m not Superwoman, and while I’ve followed orders—I have not done anything special to speed rehabilitation. The PSI knee results have been amazing. Two months out from surgery, I can do just about everything. I can shop, do housework and vacuuming, climb stairs, and walk ½ mile. I have regained total function, rarely take pain medication, and still have a month of rehab to fine-tune everything and build my endurance.Dr. Kayal is very professional and wonderful at what he does. He is forward thinking, and he and his staff are continually developing their skills to offer new and better ways of doing things.I’m 70 years old, and I’ve seen and worked with my share of doctors. I have never met a team that is so compassionate and spends so much time allowing you to express your concerns—and helping you understand your options. They are an amazing group of people. Many friends have asked me if I regret not having the knee replaced sooner, and I tell them no—because I would not have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kayal or have my new, custom knee designed just for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with the procedure and the outcome!”– Barbara Sayah, Nurse at Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, NJ