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Enjoying a Walk in the Sunshine

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Enjoying a Walk in the Sunshine

“I am a firm believer that when something good has taken place in your life, it should be recognized in writing and not just verbally. As you are aware, over the past 17 years I have had two hips and two knees replaced. You have been responsible for the last three of the replacements. Through your knowledge, expertise, “great” hands and your caring attitude I am able to live my life pain-free and enjoy working out and playing golf without regret.My last surgery was two weeks ago and you highly suggested the Zimmer knee replacement. I knew nothing about the Zimmer knee but with your confidence and excitement about the new procedure I felt assured whatever you suggested would be fine with me. In my other replacements, Stryker products were used. As you explained to me, the Zimmer replacement is like having a custom-made suit. The prosthesis is made from a 3-D image of my knee from an MRI. The piece is tailored to me and my knee and bone structure. So instead of having a “one-size fits all prosthesis,” mine was made just for me. You told me it would cut down the risk of infection while in the operating room and recovery would also be more rapid. Again, you were right. Here it is, two weeks later, and I’m walking with minimal use of a cane. It comes down to having confidence in your doctor. Personally, I would not want any other orthopedic doctor to touch me but you. I appreciate the way you are always searching for a better, more advanced way to help your patients. When I am in your presence at the office I am never rushed while being evaluated, and never feel like I’m taking up your time. As you know, I have recommended you to all of my family members and friends for any and all orthopedic needs, and will continue to do so. There are doctors, and there are doctors. Many should not be called by that name. Thankfully, we have you and am so pleased to call you “my” doctor.I would be remiss not to mention the Chilton Medical Center where my surgery was done. I have only been in Valley Hospital and really knew nothing about any other hospital. While the care I was given in Valley Hospital was always good, I found Chilton Medical Center’s care and facilities to be exemplary. All of my nurses were caring and constantly available to make me as comfortable as possible. Again, you said this was a good hospital—and that was good enough for me. If any of your patients are skeptical about Chilton, have them contact me and I will be happy to inform them of my experience. The food was actually good, which I was pleased to find.In conclusion, what I really want to say is THANK YOU. I am a 67-year-old man, and I feel and act 10 or more years younger. I can walk in the sunshine, play golf, and work out to stay in shape—all without pain and discomfort. That’s a great feeling.”– Don Kafafian