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Brightening a Family’s Future

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Brightening a Family’s Future

kafafian-ptDr. Kayal has been the Kafafian family’s orthopaedic doctor for many years. Donald has undergone hip and knee replacement; his sister, Patti, had double knee replacement surgery—and their father had double knee replacement. In addition, their uncle had both knees replaced, and their daughters have seen Dr. Kayal for wrist and arm pain.“We have had numerous orthopaedic issues, and Dr. Kayal has been fantastic. He is thorough, professional, and comforting when you speak with him. He doesn’t alarm you. Here’s a guy who has your future in his hands—and he has yet to disappoint anyone in our family.I had a number of old football and baseball injuries that dated back to high school and college. Dr. Kayal performed my hip and knee replacement surgeries, and I was back to work 10 days after my knee procedure. Just 3.5 weeks after my hip surgery I was doing things normally again—like it never happened.Prior to finding Kayal Orthopaedic Center, I had spoken with other physicians and didn’t feel comfortable with them. From the first day I met Dr. Kayal, I felt like I had a professional physician taking care of me—and I felt like I had a friend. When you have surgery, you have to believe in the person who will be working on your body, and I never doubted him for a minute.The real difference with Dr. Kayal is that he takes the time to sit and talk with you. He doesn’t give your prescribed ‘5.75 minutes’ and run out the door. He takes time to find out why you’re hurting. After surgery, he came to the hospital every day to see how I was progressing. He goes out of his way to make you feel like you’re part of his family—and that’s why I’ve recommended him to everyone I know!”– Donald Kafafian, Retired“After experiencing ongoing pain and bone-on-bone knee problems, I had double knee replacement with Dr. Kayal. He tried several alternatives, first, including injections and arthroscopic procedures. Finally, it became clear that I needed a joint replacement. After the surgery, I was in outpatient therapy for several months. As a realtor, I spend a lot of time on my feet. Because of Dr. Kayal’s skill, I have returned to work quickly—and am even wearing low heels.I enjoy going to appointments, because everyone working in the office is fantastic. It’s like they are my sisters. I am always greeted with courtesy and friendship, and they call to check on you and follow up after procedures. They really go overboard to make you feel comfortable, and it is so refreshing.And, of course, Dr. Kayal has been very caring. He is compassionate, and has never failed to get me in quickly when I was struggling with severe pain. I’ve even seen him at 10 PM! My entire family has received the same wonderful care, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of joint replacement or orthopaedic expertise.”– Patti Kafafian-Zengel, NJ Real Estate Agent, Re/Max Properties Associates