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Replacement Surgery in New Jersey

  • Some joint injuries and severe arthritis conditions may cause serious joint damage. In such instances, doctors may recommend joint replacement surgery. While following this procedure, our professional team of doctors removes damaged joints, and replaces them with a metal or plastic device, this procedure is named a prosthesis. 

Note that joint replacement injuries are more successful for treating large joints like knee and hip.

The great news is that when such surgeries are performed using new-age technologies, they are likely to last for around 20 years among 80% of the patients. After successful rehabilitation and surgery of the knee and hip area, the individuals are capable enough to enjoy a fully functional body with new joints, without even experiencing any pain. If you are looking for a total joint replacement or partial joint replacement, prefer to contact professionals at Kayal Orthopaedic Center. 

Pre-operative and aftercare procedures:

While conducting replacement surgery procedures, professionals prefer to guide patients regarding pre and aftercare procedures. The fact is that an informed patient can make better decisions about personal care. When you go for the first meeting with the medical care professionals, it is better to ask relevant questions to get rid of all the doubts in your mind. At the same time, make sure you discuss all the ongoing health problems and previous medical records with the doctors. It may help them to evaluate your health conditions and may guide you better for a speedy recovery. 

Our professionals take responsibility to guide patients at every stage of the treatment along with pre-op appointments and follow-up care as well. We may also guide you about medications that you should take after surgery for fast recovery. Other than this, you will also receive proper guidance regarding physical therapy. 

Benefits of modern replacement surgery:

The surgeons at Kayal Orthopaedic Center make use of minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat your hip and knee damage. These procedures promise less postoperative pain, and the scar tissue build-up is also minimized. You will be happy to hear that they can perform total and partial hip replacement surgery without even using large incisions. The small incisions and minimally invasive surgery may lead to tiny or negligible scars, faster recovery times, and lesser blood loss. Patients may also observe considerable improvement in joint mobility. 

Some of the main benefits of replacement surgery include:

  • Expedited return to routine activities and work.
  • Pain-free movements. 
  • Lesser muscle dissection. 
  • Improved range of motion with enhanced joint stability.
  • Reduced trauma and post-operative pain. 

Our professionals at Kayal Orthopaedic Center are capable enough to perform a variety of replacements surgeries. we can handle total ankle replacement, patellofemoral knee replacement, custom knee replacement, unicompartmental knee replacement, total and partial hip replacement, reverse and total shoulder joint replacement surgery. 

If you are experiencing any trouble with knee or hip damage, it is good to book an appointment with our professionals in New Jersey. We can guide you better for pre and post-surgery care procedures as well.