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Physical Therapy in New Jersey: a short guide

You might have heard about post operating physical therapy. It helps  promote the healing of pain and discomfort after surgery. These routines are more useful when you are trying to manage chronic pain and other troublesome conditions. 

Physical therapy is important not just to ensure pain relief, but to decrease inflammation and improve mobility and improved mobility. Other than this, physical therapy is a trusted solution for improving balance, recovering from sports injuries, and for managing chronic conditions. 

Kayal Orthopedic Center of Paramus, NJ,  is dedicated to providing rehabilitation programs and evidence-based physical therapy for a specific types of disabilities, functional limitations and impairments. When we talk about physical therapy, one plan cannot fit all. We believe in designing a custom treatment plan based on the unique conditions of the patient. 

This physical therapy is executed as a partnership plan between therapists and the patient. The complete treatment can ensure faster healing while fast relief from pain. 

What kind of equipment is used for physical therapy?

The market is loaded with plenty of advanced equipment that claims to provide reliable results for physical therapy. But instead of using any random tool, we prefer to use modern and tested equipment for enhanced results. The list includes balls, bands, weight for strengthening your muscles and joints, hydrocollator, electrical stimulation units, premium seat swivel, bi-directional resistance, recumbent bike, and treadmills with a decline and reverse medical rails. 

We also guide patients for upper body exercises, taping, traction, and stretching. With these pre-surgical activities, you can prepare your body  for the treatment, and it leads to improved results. 

What to expect during physical therapy?

When you schedule your first appointment with the physical therapist, we will ask for some details about your overall health and ongoing disease symptoms. In case you have already gone through some surgery, or any other invasive or non-invasive procedure, we may need details about the history, progress, and recovery. Once we become aware of your existing health challenges, we can set up a personalized treatment plan for you to meet your specific health improvement goals. 

A physical exam is an integral part of this appointment. Wearing  non-restrictive clothing for this first meeting is crucial for the examination process and its simplification. We may also ask you to wear a medical gown. Our PT specialist will create a specific treatment plan to meet your specific needs. If you have any doubts please do not hesitate to ask us, we’re ready to help you. 

We also advise you about the correct way to follow adequate therapeutic procedures after surgery as well. These pain management treatments can provide reliable results in the long run.  

We offer Physical therapy in our Wyckoff, North Bergen and Stony Point office.

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